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Does Synthetic Urine Work For A Drug Test Or Not?

September 19, 2019

When it comes to drug tests, a lot of us view it as our employer becoming overly involved in our personal lives. This has much to do with the fact that many view the stance on cannabis to be unjust. There are also arguments that it violates personal freedom to use other drugs recreationally. While some jobs make a reasonable argument as to why they should be allowed to drug test, there are certain professions that simply have no case as to why you should not use them if you do not appear “high” at work. Some of these professions include business, academics and professions that are non-people professions as a whole.

Why Do Employers Drug Test?

Some stances are right as a defense when it comes to an employer’s right to perform a drug test. For example, if the person responsible for caring out the tasks of their job is also responsible for the safety of other individuals, the employer has a greater argument when it comes to the importance of sobriety from that employee. If sobriety is necessary to keep the person that person is responsible for serving and taking care of safe, then it is perfectly reasonable for them to perform one. Synthetic urine is usually not used in this situation and hair follicle testing is often the standard method.

Will Synthetic Urine Work?

People are often unaware that synthetic urine has a much lower chance of working than the person thinks. They assume that the urine will only be tested with a stick that cannot identify whether it is actually urine. This is usually the case in department and supermarket stores. As those drug tests are usually performed within the perimeters of the facility; however, not all drug tests are performed in these confines.

A professional job is more likely to send you to a lab to have the drug test done. These labs are most likely going to test the urine, not blood or hair follicle, for an illicit substance. While these labs are testing your urine and not another substance, they put more effort into testing. The urine is placed under a microscope were it is easy to see whether or not it is real urine. If you are sent to a lab, usually from a professional job, it is impossible to fool a drug test through fake urine.

This doesn’t mean it’s not impossible to fool a drug test through another way. If you take urine from a person who is not pregnant if you are a male, the person performing the test will have no way to tell if the urine belongs to you or not. It’s even possible, don’t do it, to take urine from another mammal that is not human and fool a drug test that way.

Should You Do It?

This is about your personal belief on whether it is a just decision. When it comes to jobs that require personal safety, I personally believe that it is highly unethical. If you are working in a job that does not hold you responsible for another person, it’s your decision whether you believe it is an okay thing to do. Never try to fool a medical test because it can put your life in danger.

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