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Xanax Withdrawal Symptoms
Xanax Withdrawal Symptoms

Pennsylvanians suffering withdrawal from Xanax experience reactions such as: impaired concentration, agitation, panic attacks, muscle cramps, stomach problems, changes in mood, fatigue, elevated blood pressure, anxiety, seizures, nightmares, catatonia, coma, suicidal ideation, violence, psychosis, rage or homicidal ideation.
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Vicodin Dependency
Vicodin Dependency

Prolonged use of Vicodin can result in a physical tolerance, meaning higher doses are required to achieve the same effects. A problem in Pennsylvania, it also leads to physical dependency, wherein the body adapts to the Drug and withdrawal symptoms occur if it is stopped.
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Vicodin Overdose Symptoms
Vicodin Overdose Symptoms

Along with Vicodin abuse and Vicodin addiction comes a high potential for overdose. The overdose victim may be lost in the euphoria of the drug and fail to notice the symptoms or seek help. Vicodin overdose can be fatal.

Symptoms of an overdose of Vicodin may include slow breathing, cold and clammy skin, constricted pupils, tiredness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, sweating, weakness, confusion, loss of consciousness and coma.

Vicodin is a brand name for Hydrocodone and continues to be one of the more often abused prescription drugs in Pennsylvania.
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OxyContin Quick Facts
OxyContin Quick Facts

OxyContin is the brand name of a time release formula of the pain reliever Oxycodonee. OxyContin addiction is a major problem for many and OxyContin abuse and addiction have increased dramatically in the state of Pennsylvania in recent years.
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Methadone Treatment
Methadone Treatment

Methadone is an analgesic and can reduce pain for persons with injuries or following surgeries. It has pharmacological properties similar to Morphine and Heroin, including habituation and addiction. Methadone is sometimes substituted for Heroin, Morphine or other Opioid drugs during drug addiction treatment.
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Prescription drug problem in Halfway House, Pennsylvania

Addiction to Prescription Drugs is one of the fastest growing potentially deadly problems in the Keystone State. The enemy of the prescription drug addict is time! The longer the addiction persists, the harder it is to deal with... But also, the greater the chance of a tragic outcome!

Vicodin Addiction

Vicodin Addiction in Halfway House, Pennsylvania

Addiction to Vicodin in Halfway House, Pennsylvania usually starts innocently enough, but quickly turns into a Vicodin abuse nightmare of worry, pain and deceit.
Hydrocodone Addiction in Pennsylvania

OxyContin Addiction

OxyContin Addiction in Halfway House, Pennsylvania

Halfway House, Pennsylvania has its share of OxyContin abuse and addiction problems. The addict's life is taken in a way that friends and family don't understand.
Oxycodone Addiction in Pennsylvania

Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription Drug Addiction Halfway House, Pennsylvania

Addiction to the prescription drugs Vicodin, OxyContin, Lortab, Percodan, Roxicodone, Lorcet and others can ruin a life in Halfway House, Pennsylvania. But it CAN be overcome!
Prescription Drug Addict Pennsylvania

The devastation of drug abuse falls unfairly on certain groups, such as... Adolescents in Halfway House, Pennsylvania.

According to the 2003 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 9.2 percent of adolescent youth aged 12-17 had used a prescription psychotherapeutic drug for nonmedical reasons in the past year and 4.0 percent were current users. Prescription Opioids are a particularly serious problem in this age group.

NIDA's 2004 Monitoring the Future survey of 8th, 10th, and 12th graders found that 5.0 percent of 12th graders reported abusing OxyContin in the past year, and 9.3 percent reported abusing Vicodin, making Vicodin one of the most commonly abused prescription drugs in this population.

Another troubling trend is the recent phenomena known as "pharming", where young people mix prescription medications and ingest some or all of them at once, unaware of potentially severe drug interactions.

Youth and Prescription Medications

Young people in Halfway House, Pennsylvania - as well as the rest of the United States and around the world - have discovered that abusing Pharmaceutical Drugs, such as Opioid Pain Relievers and Anti-Anxiety Medications, can provide an apparently safe source for recreational drug abuse. While these drugs may be more easily accessible, more widely available, and less expensive... They are definitely NOT safe to abuse!

When prescription drugs are taken exactly according to directions and only as prescribed by a physician, most can be considered to be relatively safe. But no drug is totally without risks, even when it is taken as directed.

When powerful Painkillers, mood altering Psychiatric Drugs, or Anti-Depressants are abused, the dosages taken are not according to any accepted standards and the possibility of dangerous side effects soar. The vast majority of abused Prescription Drugs have been diverted from the intended recipients. They were never meant for consumption by the final abusers, many of whom are youngsters between 12 and 17 years of age.

Pill and Medication Addiction

Addiction to drugs is usually thought of in terms of Heroin or Cocaine addicts or alcoholics or even Crystal Methamphetamine users wandering the streets at 3:00 AM. But there is another, much more common is an addiction to Pharmaceutical Pills.

This is a different type of addiction. Addiction to Hydrocodone, Oxycodonee, Dilaudid and a whole list of prescription strength narcotic pain killers is sweeping through section of our population who never were abusers of drugs before.

In Halfway House, Pennsylvania - as in other areas - it most often starts with a legitimate prescription to Vicodin or OxyContin or some other drug used to relieve severe pain from injury or surgery, whatever eases intense pain.

But then, the pain drags on and on or the user becomes dependant on the drug to simply feel "normal". At that point, the addiction could be dealt avoided with a minimum of pain and discomfort. Instead, the user is looking forward to the drug for comfort and even enjoyment.

Soon, we have an addiction which will not go away by simply gritting the teeth and sweating for a couple of nights. Now the pain seems more intense and the only thing that will relieve it is the pills.

This is the time to seek professional help! Putting off getting real help is only going to make it more difficult and more painful to quit later.

Am I Addicted to Medications?

If you have ever asked yourself this question, there is a good chance you have some dependency on your medications.

Addiction and dependency are not the same thing, but they are closely related. Addiction to pills is a major problem in Pennsylvania and is on the increase, and dependency on pills is leading many Halfway House, Pennsylvania citizens into addiction.

But feeling guilty is not enough to solve the problems of drug dependence and addiction. Drug Addiction is progressive and action needs to be taken to stop the problem in its tracks, before it gets worse! You must understand that any addiction can and will get worse, unless it is taken very seriously and professionally handled immediately.

Ask yourself this question...

Have you or anyone you know experienced ANY of the following signs and symptoms of addiction to pills?

  • You take increasing doses, beyond the recommended amounts
  • You're hiding the amounts being used or how often you take pills
  • Guilty feelings when you take the medications
  • Fear of running out of pills or being refused more prescriptions
  • You find yourself inventing new reasons to refill prescriptions
  • Everyday you feel lousy until the dose "kicks in"
  • Personality changes. You might not see it, but others mention you've changed.

What Should You Do?

If you see any of the above indications of prescription drug addiction in yourself or a loved one, don't wait for things to progress and get worse...

Get Help NOW !!!

1-888-9NO-DRUGS or 1-888-966-3784

Living without hiding and depending on the pills is like heaven! -- Jill, Age: 29

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